Friday, 28 October 2016

Going to book hotel: Do check the amenities offered!

As soon as we decide to go out with family or friends the first and foremost thing that comes in the mind is where to stay. No matter how much you have to pay but the most important thing is the hotel where you are going to stay should able to complete all the basic amenities and able to make your travelling relax. Following are the things that should be consider while booking the hotel:

High- speed internet

Currently, everyone wants internet and therefore it is very important to check that the hotel that you are booking should have high – speed internet so that even a business person work should not be hamper by poor connectivity.

Mattress and pillow options

Many times it is seen that some people not able to sleep or relax properly due to the poor mattress and pillows and thus their vacation are spoiled. Therefore while booking hotel it is very important to check the quality of pillow and mattress they are using and if you want any change do ask them for it.


If you are coming by rental car then definitely you want to get the parking facility and so always try to book such hotel that provide you with the facility of free parking so that you need not to pay high amount for parking your car for longer duration.

High-quality toiletries

Many times it is seen that hotel is very big but the condition of toilets are very poor. Before booking hotel it is very important to check the toilets as it’s the matter of hygiene and therefore it should be neat with full hygienic consider.

Fitness and spa center

You are going for vacation to relax and enjoy. Apart from place where you are visiting it is also important to check the hotel that can make your trip memorable and thus at time of booking do check the availability of luxury amenities like fitness center, spa, kids zone etc.

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