Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How to get the cheap flight ticket online at time of festivals?

I know it’s really difficult to get cheap air tickets at the time of holidays or festival seasons as everyone is in a rush to go out for holidays with their friends and family at this time and due to increasing demand the fares of tickets also increases but if we book it smartly then we can easily get it. Following are the tricks that you can opt and get cheap flight ticket online at time of festivals:

1. Planning: if you want to go at time of festivals then it’s better to plan and book earlier then last minute rush. Generally, it is seen that we plan to go with our family for vacation at time of festivals only because that’s the right time when we get holidays easily and also best time to enjoy and If you too have such plan then it’s better to book your air ticket online initially so that you can get it at affordable price. 

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2. Understand how airlines fix the price: if you want to get the cheap flight ticket online then it is very important to keep track on the way these airlines fix the prices. These airline work on the basis of competition as well as season demand;  if other companies drop down the fares then everyone will drop down and if there is season bonanza then everyone will offer cheap air tickets for festivals. Now it’s up to you how you grab the opportunity at right time and enjoy festival travelling within your budget.  

3. Be alert while fixing dates: If you want to go at time of festival it’s better to book cheap flight ticket online beforehand only. As it is seen that at time of festivals it is really difficult to get the tickets and if you get it than also at higher rates so it’s better to book previously then last minute booking.

4. Book at midnights or early morning:  The best time to book flight tickets is mid night or early morning because at that time the traffic rates is very less and so very few people navigate. Therefore, it become easy to get discount at this time. Even these are odd time of travelling so if you and your family don’t have any problem in travelling at these odd hours than avail the tickets at that time and enjoy the travelling.

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