Tuesday, 4 October 2016

How to avoid common mistakes when booking air ticket online

Today majority of people prefer to travel by air because as it is comfortable as well as save time too. Seeing the increasing demand of airline travelling many airline services has tie up with many online website so that you can easily book air ticket just by sitting at home and make your travelling convenient.  Although  booking air ticket online is an easy way but also involve lots of risk factor too and therefore it is very important to check the common mistakes that we do while booking air ticket online:

1. Don’t book tickets on weekends: Due to the busy schedule we hardly get time to go for vacation and generally we all plan to go on weekend. There is a wrong belief that if we book online air ticket on weekend than we get discount, generally it is seen the best day to get the tickets done is on a Tuesday afternoon as it has become a tradition to launch discount on airfares every Monday evening. 

2. It’s better to opt weekdays: This is true that weekend travelling is better for those who are busy but if you are planning weekend vacation due to save air ticket money than you are wrong. Through survey it is seen that many web sites increase the fair of air ticket on weekends due to increasing demand and so you can get online tickets at higher price so better to go in weekdays that save travelling money.

3. Compare different travelling sites: it is seen that as soon as you decide to go out for vacation you quickly book online air ticket from one web site and do not compare other travelling sites. If you want to make your travelling smart than before booking online air ticket it is better to compare the other sites and go for the site where you get maximum discount and able to make your travelling economical. 
Just avoid these mistake and make your journey memorable not by spending money lavishly but by spending money with family & friends.

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