Sunday, 20 November 2016

Beware from the hidden cost while booking flight tickets!

We all want to make our traveling affordable and are always in a search to get the cheap flight tickets whether we are going for domestic or international visit but it is seen some online traveling portals charge high through hidden cost and we are unaware from it. Therefore few things should be consider while booking cheap flight tickets online to avoid hidden costs:

Departure fees: Though most departure fees are included in the flight ticket but quite a few countries like Hong Kong, Columbia charge a departure fee. This fee may add up to your cost especially if you are planning for travelling to different places. Thus, while booking the flight tickets check whether the departure fees is included or not and then assign the budget accordingly.

Extra baggage: Although we all take care of not to carry more luggage but sometimes last minute packing may increase the extra charges so instead of paying more it is better to invest in luggage scale.

Choose smartly: If you think that booking cheap flight tickets from a famous airlines is a smart move then you may be wrong because many times it is seen that they offer discount only for promotion purpose and impose hidden cost to increase the rates so it is better to be cautious and then book the cheap flight tickets.

Read rules and regulation carefully: Before booking cheap flight tickets from online portals it is better to read the rules carefully because you never know that they can be hidden cost in the deal that they are offering you and which in turn increase the cost of the ticket and in the end you are bound to follow these rules. So it is better to read it and then book it. 

Before booking cheap flight tickets it is better to wait and consider the experience and then book the ticket so that you don’t trap in the hidden cost. 

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