Monday, 14 November 2016

What are the precaution a pregnant women should take while travelling?

Gone were the days when travelling for pregnant women were restricted but now many travel either for working purpose or for enjoyment or even if some emergency occur. Before booking air ticket online it is very important for a pregnant women to check the comfortable seats available and it’s better to book from such airline that really good at their services and will take proper care of them.   Here are some useful tips to be kept in mind to ensure the safety of the pregnant women during air travel:

1.Consider your gynecologist first: Before booking air ticket online it is better to consider your doctor first as they know all about your health and will guide you in a better way that whether it’s wise to travel or not.

2.Book direct flights: Many times in order to cut off the price of the ticket we divide our flights that help in reducing the price but at time of pregnancy it’s not a wise step as travelling from one flight to another can make you feel tried and also can create problem. It is better to book direct air ticket online instead of multiple flights.

3.Be ready to go through with many questions: when you think of travelling at time of pregnancy it is not only your responsibility but its flight responsibility also to take care of you and your expected baby. Thus, while booking air ticket online or offline these airlines ask questions like due delivery date, number of babies mother is expecting, health issues, etc.

4.Make your travelling relax and comfortable: It is better to make your travelling relax and comfortable by wearing loose clothes and light shoes as you are just sitting in the flight and your movement is also very less.

5.Reach earlier:
Reach airport early to avoid last minute rush as any sort of rush can make pregnant passengers feel stressful and uneasy If you need assistance from your personal helper till the entrance, you may collect an pass from the airport service desk.

6.Inform the air hostess: To ensure safety in the flight it is better to keep your seat belts fastened all the time. Use handrails or seat backs to stand and move inside the aircraft and most important do inform the air hostess about your pregnancy situation in advance so that she can take care of you.

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