Friday, 4 November 2016

Do’s and Don’ts before booking air ticket online

There are many people who daily book air ticket online and enjoy travelling but still some of them make silly mistake and falling prey to money-minded travel agents. Therefore it is very important to follow certain rules while booking air ticket online:

Beware from unregistered travelling agent:

If you are booking air ticket online then you must be cautious from unregistered agents. You will get many online travelling agent but very few are registered so it’s better to go to them instead of unregistered who just trap you by offering attractive discount but in the end you get nothing. These agents would even charge commission for the work they were supposed to do and you will have to pay a price more than that of the actual flight tickets. These are unregistered agents and there is hardly any legal action you can take against them.

Online booking is anyhow a better option:

Even though if you are going to the registered travelling agent it is better to book your air ticket online as here you will able to get the attractive discounts as well as you need not to pay extra. Although you have to be cautious that the online portal is save before giving them your personal or account details.

It’s better to talk before booking:

Even though you are booking your air ticket online it’s better to talk to the customer care so that all your doubts will be clear and you able to get the best deal at affordable price. Many times it is seen that the website is very presentable but the outcome is worst so by talking to the person you can get an idea that you are booking your ticket from correct portal.

Compare and then book :

Instead of booking ticket last minute it is better to book in advance in this way you get the time to compare other traveling portals and able to grab the best deal for yourself and make you’re traveling economical too.

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